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Committee on Addressing
the Problem of Takeda
Takeda-mondai Taisaku Renrakukai
22 Feb 2009
Alternative/Independent Media
Today's Column

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Wefd like to inform urgently that Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited is going to build a new facility on the border of Fujisawa City and Kamakura City in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

The scale of the facility is about 250,000m2 site area, 315,000 m2 floor space, 15 laboratory buildings including 3 buildings for Bio-Safety Level three(P3) Which can handle aggressive bacteria. This is going to be one of the largest biotechnological plant in Asia.

The facility is sited at a densely populated residential area, around 2km from both Ofuna Station and Fujisawa Station of Tokaido Line, where there are 260 schools, hospitals, nursing homes within 3km from the location.

The facility will discharge massive amount of air and water; the ventilated air will be 8,000,000 m3 per hour and the waste water will be 2,200m3 per day.

Even though the exhaust gas and drain water will be sterilized with appropriate safety measures, it seems impossible to reduce the contained micro germ leakage into 0% with the current technology; it makes residents anxious.

As for animals, they are planning to build 7 facilities with 100,000 m2 area for animal testing.

Addition to that, there will be two incinerators with the capacity of 150kg per hour, 6 hours a day operation; therefore 1.8tons of dead animals could be burned a day. It is almost equal to 40,000 mice per day.

Mice, rats, dogs and monkeys will be sacrificed for the experiments of pathogens and gene recombination, and finally they will be killed and burned each day. This is nothing but the Hell for animals.

What can we help them?

Your advices and information about this issue is greatly appreciated.

Let's work together.

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Takeda-mondai Taisaku Renrakukai
(Committee on Addressing the Problem of Takeda)