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US Kadena Air Base Airplane Noise Lawsuit:
Fukuoka High Court Orderd 5.6 billion Yen Compensation instruction
Alternative/Independent Media Today's Column
27 Feb 2009

 Fukuoka High Court ordered the Japanese government compensation for damages of 5.6 billion yen that became the highest amount as a airplame noise-related lawsuit by the aircraft in the past was told by the noise-related lawsuit over the naval base of the United States in the Okinawa Prefecture Kadena town.

 The resident of the Kadena base in the surrounding requested the National government in this trial and the prohibition of compensation by the noise damage and the flight nighttime and early morning etc. were requested from the other party.

F22ステルス嘉手納配備 最新鋭ステルスF22A

 WECPNL (Weighted Equivalent Continuous Perceived Noise Level) expands the compensation region has expanded to WECPNL 75 or more in the appeal judgement on February 27 in the first trial decision though the target region of 85 or more for compensation. As a result, the national govenment was ordered to pay about 5.6 billion yen per 5500 plaintiff.

Naval base of the United States in the Okinawa Prefecture Kadena town.

 Although total amount of the compensation of aircraft noise lawsuit was assumed to be the highest, the flight prohibit injunction that the plaintiff had been requesting was dismissed as "The authority of Japan doesn't reach".